Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Please share this with everyone so prayers can be put out there

Well we ended up at Lebonheur cause Destany had 2 diastats on thursday of last week. We were betting it was her dilantin to low. Boy were we wrong. Her liver numbers were elevated. Since then it feels like we are living in this battle and not winning at all. Her dilantin level has hit critical twice now and her liver numbers will not come down. Yesterday we had 7 seizures and today we had 9 seizures. I just dont understand why they will not come down. I am trying to leave this in gods hands but it is not working. I see some hope sometimes when she looks up at me and smile but that doesnt happen very often. It is also frustrating when the doctors dont even know what the next step is going to be. I am so lost right now and feel like we are sinking more and more everyday. I know god has a plan for her but I just would like to have a hint of what it is. I feel like when i am at home and her dad is there am i going to get a call that says get her now. I cant help but worry because my little angel has been through so much. I am asking everybody to share this and please get the prayers out there for my little girl. God has all the answers and i have none.

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