Saturday, November 24, 2012

Its been a while since i posted

It has been a while since i posted because Destanys brother has been at basic training and AIT, so i didnt want him to worry about Destany while he was gone so I never posted on her wall. Destany has a sinus infection right now and taking an antibiotic to get rid of it. The nurse told me that she had a 1 small seizure this am and her stuffiness was better. Yesterday she had a few small seizures and was coughing up some stuff which is good that way its not draining into her chest. I am glad she has the nurses taking care of her. Destany weighs 116 lbs and 5ft she has become a young woman for sure. She went to the doctor at Campbell Clinic and they said they think she is all but done growing. I hope so cause I cant pick her up no more cause she is as tall and weighs as much as me. She is done seeing this doctor cause he said she is done growing and unless she has anymore trouble with her hip. I also got the doctors office to call in her depo shot so now home health nurses are going to give it to her. Now that is 2 doctors down. We figured the less of having to get her out the better.