Friday, December 30, 2011

I picked Destany up on Christmas afternoon excited to see how she was going to react to her presents. When she first saw them she was pointing and wanting them. Once she got them though she really didnt want nothing to do with them so the boys helped her open them. It really hurt me cause i thought that she would really enjoy opening her gifts. She had a pretty good day Sunday she was really quiet though and sleepy. Monday Lee had her and she did good for him while I worked. When I got home she was still lethargic acting and sleepy. She rested pretty good for me that night. I got up to leave Tuesday morning for work and she had a few seizures but settled down and went back to sleep. I called and checked on her since mom had her and wanted to make sure all was well. When I got home mom said she had been moaning some and pulling at her legs. She continued to do this off and on during the evening time and I thought it was cause she maybe coming off her cycle. She was up and down all night Tuesday night moaning, whinning, and having some seizures and nothing i did would help. So  I stayed home with her on Wednesday cause we were all just exhausted. She slept till 2 wednesday afternoon and done pretty good the rest of the day. Thursday she wanted to act up some to the point i had the diastat ready. She still acted somewhat lethargic but not as bad. Today she got up in a good mood and has had actually a pretty good day. After the week we have had she deserves to have a better day and hopefully we will have a good weekend. Will post more later and wishing each and everyone a happy new year.