Sunday, November 27, 2011

The past week

I went and picked Destany up Sunday from her daddys house and went by KFC to get some chicken. As soon as I got it Destany started to seize and she seized till I got home, scared me to death.  Got her home and got her laid down and she would not stop seizing so I had to give her diastat. She did ok for the next couple of days till Wednesday, when we were going to my mother in laws for our Thanksgiving dinner.  Right before we left she decided to have a tonic clonic seizure that last around 45 secs, should have taken this as a sign not to go but i didnt. Got her over there and unloaded from the truck and got her in her chair and she started seizing pretty bad, at this point my son scooped her up and got her into the house quickly. We got her laid down and she finally calmed down.  She ate a really good supper and thought she would do good and she started seizing again and at this point I had to go ahead and give her diastat. These were some of the worse seizures i have ever seen Destany have. The last couple of days have been good. She ate a great Thanksgiving dinner. Saturday we put up the Christmas tree up and she just stared at it. Today she slept till 2 but i got her up and she continues to look at the tree in awe. She loves the lights. This is her favorite time of year cause of the lights.  Continue to pray for our little Destany cause this is the time of year she always gets sick and we are praying for a peaceful Christmas!! Love to all

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I figured I would update you guys since it has been a while. Destany had her 13th birthday on the 29th of October. We had an awesome birthday party for her and around 45 people attended. Next year we are moving it to another location and hopefully have 100 people for it. She has had a rough week this week with having 2 diastats on Monday and one on Friday but it was a full moon. Her neurologist says when it is a full moon seizure patients seem to act up more. She came to my house on Friday and had a rough night Friday night, she woke up at 3am fussing and wouldnt settle back down so I crawled in bed with her and and just laid with her.  She calmed down some but she wanted to keep her hand under my neck or holding my hand so I wouldnt run off. That was fine with me i felt close to her for this. She decided to settle down around 830am so I laid down around 9am and slept till around 1030 when the boys walked in and said mom are u up and i had to answer them. She ended up sleeping till around 2 that afternoon. Last night was a better night and she slept really well. She wanted up about 11 so I got her up she ate half a donut and she went back to sleep till 2 this afternoon. Overall really good weekend with my precious little girl. She  is my world and I am looking so forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas with my precious little girl. I have already started Christmas shopping for her.