Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pretty good couple of weeks

Overall Destany has had a good couple of weeks. She is laughing and eating and talking. I have been so glad to hear the laughter come from her. She had  spell last weekend where she didnt want to pee but the doc said all looked ok. Last night she ended having a bad seizure which scared Brandon to death, but ended up ok afterwards. Today was lots of laughter and I tell u I am so glad. She will be having a birthday in exactly 2 months tomorrow so I am doing like a sweet 13 birtday bash for her. It is a milestone in her life where she is going to actually be a teenager. Less than a year ago I thought she would never see this birthday. She will have one huge party this year and I am so excited about it.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Well Destany had a bad day Friday her dad said she had a seizure where she was joking and shaking. He gave her diastat after a minute of this and she then went into an absence seizure. After this she went to sleep. The doctors office called and said her labs were fine so David went up on her Mogadon. Since he has raised it she has not had any seizures. So lets hope that now this is going to work like we are praying that it is. Tomorrow night we meet with Make A Wish foundation volunteers to talk about Destany. Will update this later.