Sunday, June 10, 2012

I went and visited Destany and she was real quiet. The nurse said she had a good past 2 days laughing and playing in morning and in the afternoons she would sleep a couple of hours. On Wednesday she had to have to diastats because an increase in seizures. But all in all she is holding her own right now.
As I sit here I think about little Lucy and the battle her mom and dad are going through. I dont know exactly how they feel but i do know somehow how they feel. I just pray for Lucy not to have to go through suffering and pain. I also pray that Erik and Kate find peace within themselves when the time comes to have to let go. I met Lucy on Destanys hospital stay and she was just the sweetest little girl full of spirit. I sit and talked to Kate for a few minutes and they are really a strong couple and they have a lot of faith in God. Please say a prayer for this family tonight as we never know what the future holds for these special children god has given us.