Thursday, July 26, 2012

Great 2 weeks with Destany

I went and picked Destany up on the 17th and had her through today. She really has had a great week and a half until today but i will get to that story here in a minute. Last night Lee cooked some fish and i gave Destany a piece of it and she took it and would put it up to my mouth and tease me by taking it back, she was laughing so hard from this. Finally in the end i ended up eating the fish. Well today i figured we would try with cheese puffs. She would let me take a bite then she would take a bite and just laugh about it. Well we done this through a few of the chips and went into a seizure. It was one of her stare off seizures and so it lasted forever it was where she had to have altogether 30mg of diastat. But at least we arent in the hospital and we got it under control. She has really done good with her seizures since she has been here. I am thankful for the 10 days i got to spend with her and enjoyed all of the time with her. God has been so good to us for these past 10 days and i am glad i got the time i did with Destany, She is back home with her dad now and resting comfortably.