Friday, July 5, 2013

stressful week

Well Tuesday I had only been clocked in for about 10 minutes when David called and said he just gave Destany her second diastat and she was still seizing. When I got there the ambulance was already there and had her on the stretcher ready to go with her. I rode in the ambulance with her to lebonheur. We get there her fever is 103 and she is still seizing.eventually they give her ibuprofen and valium to calm her down some. We were admitted to the hospital and did good until 345 am when she started seizing again. Her temp was only 99.1so they again gave her ibuprofen and for her seizures some more valium. After this she had a couple more seizures. I crawled in bed with her because I was scared I wouldn't here her seize. The morning g went well and if all went well we were going home that afternoon. Well she got to come home. That night her fever jumped back up to 104 and they again gave her ibuprofen and it finally came down. Last night and today her fever has stayed down and a little to no seizures. Thank God because I was getting worried about this fever. Thank you all for your prayers. In 2 weeks Destany will be the junior bride in her brothers wedding. I will be posting lots of pictures.

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